The BELTRAMI® GIOIELLI brand  guarantees that the object you are holding  is a part of an handmade collection. The object is totally made in Italy by using precious metals and high quality materials made with the latest technology.

All BELTRAMI® GIOIELLI products  are “made of MIRO SILVER®”, an innovative material, which is the result of a modern and exclusive technique of manufacturing  precious metals, patented throughout all Europe CTM 003290889.

The MIRO SILVER® is a new metal with a superficial treatment that includes a layer of PURE SILVER 999.95, obtained with an atomic process cd. phisical vapor deposit. This process gives to the precious material a unique quality which is superior than the traditional one process. The coating has an hardness and a better  resistance to the oxidation compared to conventional coatings.

The MIRO-SILVER® process with the use of PURE SILVER 999.95 provides an innovative and aesthetic advantage: the product is more resistant to the mechanical stress, it is scratchproof and the precious metal, for decorative purposes, reflects the light and highlighting all its beauty.

The precious surface and perfect combination with our Italian design makes each BELTRAMI® GIOIELLI items UNIQUE in his genre. All items are guaranteed by the family Beltrami
This signature is the tangible evidence of our tradition. For over 35 years the family BELTRAMI produce gift items with precious metal.
To clean the product, we recommend using a soft cloth without adding abrasive products. This will help to preserve the shine of silver.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies we can offer valuable products, with a great sense of value. What is new is that our products even if valuable are accessible.

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