About us

Beltrami’s family produces gift in Sterling Silver and precious metal. The trademark AN 67 is one of the oldest brands in the sterling silver industry. The business started to the end of the ’70 producing plates in gold electroformed. These were the years of successful of gold/leaf. (Company Gold Lamina-Belcom). The Company, unique in Italy, realized in Gold 18ka a large production with a modest amount of precious material: the innovative proposal had enormous support from the Gold and Sterling Silver Market. In 1980 finished the boom of Gold Leaf, the Beltrami’s family builds two new production plants to diversify the production with objects in Sterling Silver. The Company realized on a global scale the first production of SILVER BILAMINATED . In 2003 he joined the company Emiliano Beltrami that worked in other areas with past experiences
in marketing and international relations, began a new phase of deep evolution of the Company, development and diversification. All of this was possible thanks to the great experience in production and quality that the founder Alfio Beltrami has always pursued. In 2005, the Group enters into licensing agreements with major brands. In this year inside the Company was born the Study Centre Silver-Design destined to search for innovation in formal and typological silversmith sector.

Today, Beltrami is a global company and leading manufacturer of giftware and precious frame.


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